I feel that it is my duty to create a landscape unique to this place and produce products that only this place can offer.
Yorkshire Farm
|c@pꂳiEiichi Takeda)

Hometown: Shimizu Town, Hokkaido

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I wanted to live together with animals on a vast piece of land . . . My memory of a picture I had once seen was the driving force behind this dream.
@I was born and raised in Shimizu Town, Hokkaido. Upon graduation from high school, I moved outside of Hokkaido once. In those days, I kept thinking that rather than continue leading a life surrounded by concrete in the city, I wanted to live in an expansive area and raise animals there. I returned to Hokkaido and opened a sheep farm in Tokachifs Shintoku Town during the summer of 1988. In the winter that followed, I inaugurated Yorkshire Farm, a gfarm inn and lamb restaurant.h

A picture depicting scenery with sheep always enters my mind. It was a picture showing a landscape of grazing sheep that was painted on the bark of a white birch, and it hung in my fatherfs room, of whom I was bereaved at the age of five.

The secret behind the delicious taste is raising ghealthy sheep.h
@Since clear streams flow in the shade and the edges of the grasslands here, the sheep we raise, which are vulnerable to heat, never suffer from sunstroke. This is the perfect place for raising healthy sheep. The course that begins at the building that houses the accommodations facilities and a restaurant, then follows a narrow path along the river and returns to the building through grazing pastures that afford a view of grazing sheep is an excellent walking trail.

In harmony with nature ? Slowly passing time ? Creating a competitive farm inn not to be outdone by its British counterparts
@I am not merely mimicking the style of British farm inns. Rather, I have created a landscape unique to this land and continue producing products that can only be offered here amidst the abundant nature of Tokachi. I believe that we should offer the gYorkshire Farmh of Shintoku Town, which is competitive even with British farm inns.

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