This is a farm where you can encounter gauthentic taste.h
Sightseeing Farm Nishikami
@rꂳiShunichi Takahashi)

Age: 50fs

Hometown: Shikaoi Town, Hokkaido

Union President

Facilities: @

I offer safe agricultural products.
@Our desire is to allow guests to enjoy authentic tastes.
I want visitors here to experience traditional farming. Large-scale upland farming constitutes the industrial foundation of Tokachi. This is the so-called gTokachi-type agriculture.h The value of agricultural production has exceeded 200 billion yen over the past several years. I believe that this was only made possible by the enormous efforts made by our predecessors.
Approximately 50 years ago, when I was still a child, I pulled a Japanese radish out of the ground and ate it as a snack without even washing it. It was okay back in those days. Of course, under the current living conditions, this would be impossible because human resistance to bacteria has declined.
I would like visitors to enter my fields, touch the soil and experience traditional farming techniques.

The gbrand of the hearth is the most important.
@I have tried to minimize the use of agricultural chemicals to the extent possible on my farm. Vegetables harvested here may appear inferior to those sold in supermarkets. However, they are equivalent to their counterparts in the market in terms of taste and safety. Although this is hard to understand for modern Japanese people, who are accustomed to nicely shaped (in many cases this indicates that large amounts of agricultural chemicals have been used) farm products, I believe that both consumers and producers should learn essential things like this. I also believe that the most important thing is to have our own gbrand of the hearth so that we can assess the safety of agricultural products and never again be fooled by agricultural production led by commercialism.

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