Experience the peace and blessings of nature
Village 432

Hometown: Tokyo

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A variety of activities are offered at Village 432
@Village 432 offers a vast array of pleasurable activities: a restaurant located atop a hill in Sahoro, Shintoku Town, Tokachi in Hokkaido, a horseback riding club, rental cottages, ceramics lessons, fruit picking and more.
Since the meaning of the word grestauranth includes the meanings of gpeace,h gresth and gcomfort,h we strive to ensure that our restaurant provides a leisurely, tranquil atmosphere in which our guests can enjoy the dishes we prepare.
Please enjoy fruit and vegetables harvested fresh from our kitchen garden, omelets made using eggs from free-range chickens, cake, ice cream and other dishes that only Village 432 has to offer.
We accept reservations for various types of parties (two-person minimum). For inquiries, please feel free to give us a call.

Even beginners can go horseback riding
@This club offers a broad range of programs that make it possible for even small children and beginners to feel satisfied with their experience.
Among these programs, gTrekking by horseh has enjoyed great popularity because even beginners can comfortably enjoy riding outside the riding ground on a thoroughbred trained by professional instructors.
Furthermore, various courses outside the riding ground are also available for sufficiently experienced riders, such as obstacle and sitting posture clinic courses.

Unwinding with your loved ones
The spacious layout and large windows of the log cottage as well as the view of the expansive pastures are superb.
Since even parties of two can rent an entire cottage, guests can be as loud and rambunctious as they like, making it perfect for urban dwellers. Please enjoy valuable time here with your family and friends!

Why not talk with the earth or eat the blessings of nature?
Touching, kneading and shaping the soil are all ways to interact with nature. You will find yourself feeling peaceful and at ease. I want those who are interested to make original earthenware with their own hands.
The taste of fruit grown with plenty of sunlight under the clear sky of the north is exceptional. Why not try our freshly harvested fruit grown without using any agricultural chemicals? We look forward to seeing you.

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