Please forge favorable relations with horses by casually interacting with them.
i@oiMidori Yasunaga)

Age: 28

Hometown: Makubetsu Town, Hokkaido

Facilities: @

I began horseback riding because I wanted to have fun. I would like to continue to associate myself deeply with horses in the future.
@I began horseback riding when I was a high school student after I entered the Equestrian Club. By the time I was in my final year of high school, a horse had joined my family. Therefore, my life with horses dates back to those days. Horses are adorable, and the more we love them, the more trust they return to those who ride them. This is what makes them even more adorable.

From the horsefs high point of view, a world of fresh excitement can be seen.
@I want many people to leave the riding ground and enjoy walking in nature, not simply the pleasure of a pulling horse. The horseback riding style here is not strict: people ride on horseback in whatever style they like, e.g. Western or English style. Any style will do as long as the participants can enjoy themselves in a safe manner. Enjoying horseback riding, riding to places where we normally walk or there is nothing, and watching around you from your horsefs point of view. You will then be able to see a completely different landscape!
Since local residents in Tokachi are very understanding, you can go riding virtually anywhere, except for general roads. You can pass workers on farms, an experience that can only be enjoyed in Tokachi. From the horsefs high point of view, you will be surprised at all of Tokachifs attractions.
I hope that I can provide visitors with a place where they can associate themselves with horses more deeply. Someday, I want to build low-priced accommodation facilities at a place where you can enjoy horseback riding and eating seasonal dishes made with fresh ingredients harvested here. I hope that people will dream of participating in an endurance event with horses with which they have become friends.

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