Carrying on my fatherfs resolve and devoting myself to the repopulation of Dolly Varden in Lake Shikaribetsu
Shikaoi Landlocked Salmon Garden
@vYiHisao Hata)

Age: 65

Hometown: Ueda City, Nagano

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I would like to carry on my fatherfs resolve to protect Dolly Varden
@When I was young, my father worked for the Ministry of Fisheries, where he embarked on freshwater fish culture. In those days, we were in the midst of food shortages due to the war, and securing protein sources was an important task. Having seen my father tackling his work, I learned about and became interested in freshwater fish farming.
In 1951, my father?after seeing Dolly Varden in Lake Shikaribetsu?said, gWe need to focus on breeding.h Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after that.
I returned to Ueda, graduated from high school and entered the Takushoku Railroad Company. Four months after joining the company, I was relocated to Lake Shikaribetsu. I worked there for 17 years and independently began my freshwater fish farming business here at the age of 33.

Selecting wilderness without electricity as the starting point
@At that time, this area was complete wilderness, half of which was made up of wetlands. We had no electricity and even the pasture land was barren. However, the beautiful Penkechin River flowed through this area. I decided to culture freshwater fish by using this water that springs from the source. My entire family joined hands in beginning Dolly Varden culture, which was both my fatherfs and my own desire. In those days, the town also put emphasis on the artificial hatching of Dolly Varden and academic surveys by Hokkaido University professors were also conducted. Raising fry and returning them to the lake: It takes three to four years before the fish reach maturity. A great number of people instructed me and I felt that my work was challenging.
We do not charge those who enjoy fishing with a certain amount of money per hour. Instead, we have them purchase the fish they catch by weighing them. By doing so, people are able to enjoy fishing for exactly the amount they will consume. We ensure that even children and women can fish easily. Since we do not use worms for bait and use our own goriginal bait,h even people who donft like touching worms can have fun.

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