Passing on the attraction of Nissho Kanda to posterity
Kanda Nissho Art Museum
(Suga)^Manager, the Curatorsf Subsection


Many people have been impressed by Nisshofs paintings.
Paintings by Nissho Kanda have impressed a great number of artists. One of them is the curator of this museum that received the Izumi Kyoka Prize and has been working to disseminate the paintings of Nissho Kanda to as many people as possible.
The purpose of this museum is to disseminate Nissho Kandafs emotionally stirring paintings to the people of today and tomorrow.

To let as many people as possible know about Nissho Kanda
This year marks the 10th anniversary of this museum. In the year when this museum opened, there were more than 66,000 visitors, and since the second year, as many as 20,000 people have come to visit the museum every year. The Mourning of Horse-Labor Farming, an event to commemorate Nissho Kanda and talk about the future to disseminate the appeal of his paintings, and the Mukon Festival, which celebrates the opening of the museum, have been held every year, and the Birth Anniversary Festival is also planned to begin this year.
In the neighboring hall, numerous events, including the exhibition entitled gWorks of Kihachi Kimura, Woodblock Artist,h which focuses on the attraction of woodblock prints, and the gHuman Painting Exhibitionh have been held to provide opportunities to come in contact with high-quality paintings, photographs and more each year.

My desire to make this a family-oriented museum
A gfamily-oriented museumh refers to a gplace that fits in with the local climate and allows people ranging from children to the elderly to casually observe and enjoy art.h With this hope in mind, we host a variety of events, such as drawing classes, art appreciation tours and parent/child sketching events.
In tribute to horses painted by Nissho Kanda, the gHorse Painting Exhibitionh is held, featuring paintings of horses received from elementary and junior high school students every year.
Through these various activities, I would like to pass on to posterity the fact that a great artist named Nissho Kanda lived in Shikaoi Town.

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