@A fishing pond where you can enjoy fishing, eating and playing!
Mikage Falls Landlocked Salmon Garden
c@iHiroki Oota)

Age: 33

Hometown: Shimizu Town, Hokkaido

Facilities: @

Following in my fatherfs footsteps ? at a fishing pond close to nature
Approximately four years have passed since I followed in my fatherfs footsteps and began to engage in the management of these facilities. Since this fishing pond is nearly 30 years old, I felt a great deal of pressure at first. Although I am still a new comer to this position, I want to help visitors have a pleasant time and interact with nature.
As the name of the town gShimizuh indicates, the water here is clear. This town is filled with nature and attractions throughout the year. Strolling through the surrounding forests, you can pick wild vegetables, mushrooms, wild berries, tara vines and more, depending on the season. In addition, since we cook the fish that guests catch right here on the spot, we can serve fresh, safe and delicious fish with confidence.
I want to spread the word that here at this fishing pond you can enjoy not only fishing, but also various other activities.

Calling all party organizers!
Since the pond is separated at several locations, it is also possible to rent out sections of the pond. There is a barbeque house that accommodates as many as 100 people, where not only the fish that you catch, but also meat can be enjoyed. In addition, traveling fish release service is available. It is also possible to catch fish by hand in a preserve.
(We also support the release of salmon fries at the Urikai River in Obihiro City every year.)

gI want to tell children about the attraction of rivers.h
I want to become involved in activities designed to teach children about the ecology of fish, aquatic insects and other creatures. It is my hope that I will be able to contribute to my community.
I want to continue to work hard together with my family while cherishing the interaction I have with visitors and nature. I look forward to seeing you here.

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