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Higashi Taisetsu Museum of Natural History
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Our motto is to make this museum unique. Our butterfly specimen collection is one of the nationfs largest.
This museum provides information on the Taisetsu mountain system, including the organisms that inhabit it and their upbringings. Unique exhibits such as butterflies are also on display. In addition to butterflies that inhabit this area, a great number of species from various parts of the world, and in particular tropical regions, Asia and South America, are exhibited. This is the result of focusing on insects out of the regional desire to create a unique museum that attracts visitors. Thanks to the help of one of Japanfs best collectors during construction of the museum, we also have an exhibition that introduces rare butterflies. Although the basic concept of the museum is the introduction of regional nature, the museumfs mission is to provide the fundamental knowledge and information necessary to understand the Taisetsu mountain system and to disseminate the information necessary to protect historical heritages and the natural environment.

Taking the natural transformation from the reclamation of Hokkaido up to the present seriously
Since the reclamation age, we have unilaterally taken things from nature in Hokkaido, e.g. caught fish, cut down trees and dammed up rivers. This continued for more than a hundred years after Japanese people settled in Hokkaido. Although this is an extremely short period of time when seen in light of the history of the earth and its nature, it has transformed the natural environment. This is unprecedented on a global scale.
The 21st century is referred to as the century of the environment. We have recklessly forged ahead in pursuit of materialistic affluence. We have now obtained affluence, and I believe that we are now in a position to reflect upon ourselves. To lead psychologically affluent lives, we need to seriously consider the reality that we have greatly damaged nature and realize that these practices cannot be repeated. It is important for us to review nature in a no-nonsense manner as well as to restore and pass on the regionfs original nature.
We keep in mind that exhibitions at the museum can address these issues. I would be pleased if this museum could serve as an opportunity for visitors to learn more about Daisetsuzan National Park and consider the future of symbiotic relations between people and nature.

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