Secluded hot spring inn where hospitality is offered by a peculiar old man
Horoka Hot Spring Inn
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Age: UU

Hometown: Furano City


An encounter with a hot spring that led to me becoming the manager of Horoka Hot Spring Inn
I began managing this hot spring inn 14 years ago. Originally, Mr. Higashi, who used to manage a timber company, started this inn in 1951. I was working as the manager of Tomuraushi Hot Spring (Higashi Taisetsu-so), but the then manager sounded me out by saying, gI am thinking about retiring, but is there anyone who could take over my position?h My first impression when I visited here was: gThe baths are excellent.h Ever since then I have lived together with Horoka hot spring.

Living amongst mountains that remain unchanged since the old days
The attractions of Horoka Hot Spring are ghot spring waterh and gbasking in the forest.h This inn is located near the starting point of a path for climbing Mt. Nipesotsu. The Yuunnai River flows through here, and there are also mountains and other rivers here. While living here we are able to observe the many aspects of nature, which vary daily throughout the year. The whispers of nature and expressions of mountains are extremely beautiful. Sometimes, we turn off all the lights in the two lodges and observe the starry night sky together with our guests. This is a luxury unique to this place.
My house is located deep in the mountains. One day, I went down toward Mitsumata and watched Horoka from a lookout point with binoculars. I saw only the entrance of the lodging next door whitely shining on the mountain. I was surprised to see the light of only one house deep in the mountain, making me feel that we live in a wonderful place.
Winter is severe here, and controlling the heat of the water remains a laborious task. However, I continue to work hard to ensure that our guests will enjoy the hot spring and dishes that I take great pride in at this inn. I look forward to your visit and hope that you will enjoy and be pleased with the comfortable hot spring and dishes prepared using locally harvested wild vegetables.

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