There are things that only producers can do - Agriculture for eating
Tokachi Shinmura Farm
V@_iHirotaka Shinmuraj

Age: 32

Hometown: Kamishihoro Town


Returning to the origins of dairy farming
What kind of milk do consumers want to drink and what types of dairy products do they want to eat? I though about these things when I decided to take over my familyfs business and start dairy farming. I then embarked on grazing so that we could raise cattle in a more natural manner.
Will cattle eat any type of grass? The answer is gno.h They will only eat grass that tastes good. If what they are eating is not nutritionally balanced, they cannot produce good milk. We must produce healthy pastures to raise healthy cattle through grazing.
It is said that many forms of atopic dermatitis and allergies, which have recently been on the rise, are caused by food. This is most likely due partly to residual agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers in soil where food is grown. Therefore, we conducted soil analyses for all fields measuring approximately 70 ha in area on our farm and investigated what was lacking and excessive in the soil based on scientific soil data. As a result, it was found that the soil was not well-balanced and no earthworms were present.
The pastures where cattle were once reluctant to graze have changed into grasslands where they now happily graze and appear relaxed. To reach this point, however, it took approximately five years.

Milk jam is a gift from the earth
If we consider increasing milk volume alone, this method of raising cattle would be disadvantageous. We chose this style, however, because we are trying to return to the good old days, when cattle were raised more naturally.
When I was thinking about developing a new product by adding value to our milk that I can serve with pride, I happened to hear that in France they have something called gmilk jam.h Milk jam is a preserved food produced in rural areas in France. We currently sell three types of milk jam: Japanfs first clotted cream made using raw milk, homemade fresh cream and souffl?-type cheese cake made from flour produced in Hokkaido and eggs from chickens native to Tokachi. Please be sure to visit and give them a try.

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