@Naitai Highland @Lake Shikaribetsu
This is a vast farm where as many as 3,500 dairy cattle graze. From the observatory located at the highest point of the farm, you can command a view of Mt. Meakan, Mt. Oakan and other mountains as well as the Tokachi Plain. qKamishihoro townr Maintaining its primitive appearance, Lake Shikaribetsu is the only natural lake in Taisetsusan National Park.qShikaoi townr
@Lake Nukabira @Karikachi Highland
Lake Sahoro
This lake surrounded by deep forest reflected Taisetsu mountains, and is filled to a quiet charm.qKamishihoro Townr yYou can see VR picture.z Karikachi Highland is a magnificent highland where visitors can enjoy a vast assortment of outdoor activities.

Lake Sahoro is an artificial lake created on the Karikachi Highland that serves as an outdoor recreational zone. qShintoku townr

@Mt. Tomuraushi-san &
@Higashi Taisetsu
Arch Bridges
Mt. Tomuraushi-dake, a secluded spot, is a scenic masterpiece when seen from among flowering alpine plant colonies in the middle of July.qShintoku townr These arch bridges are the legacy of the former Japanese National Railwaysf Shihoro Line. Visitors are overwhelmed by its artistry and balance with the natural landscape.
qKami-Shihoro townr
@Lake Kuttari @Mikuni Pass
With fresh greenery in spring and colorful tints in autumn, this lake is visited by many species of wild birds.qShintoku townr The ocean of foliage as far as the eye can see and mountains in the Higashi-Taisetsu Mountains are overwhelming.
qKami-Shihoro townr
@Higashi-Taisetsu Mountains @Ohgigahara Observatory
The Higashi-Taisetsu Mountains consist of approximately 2,000-meter-high mountains where alpine plants grow in clusters. This is the view point which can command a whole view of a grand Tokachi field.
qShikaoi townr yYou can see the VR picture.z
@Karikachi Observatory @Nissho Observatory
This observatory has been chosen as one of Japanfs new eight most scenic spots due to the view it affords of the areafs magnificent scenery.
qShintoku townr
A romantic bell, which can be rung by couples as they hold hands, is also one of the attractions.qShimizu townr
@Maruyama Observatory
Here you can command a magnificent view of Mt. Tomuraushi in the north, the Higashi-Taisetsu Mountains and the vast Tokachi Plain.qShimizu townr