Hot Spring
Horoka Hot Spring Inn
Enjoy leisurely bathing in this hot spring we take extreme pride in,
basking in the forest and gazing at the starry sky

Fascinated by the hot spring water of Horokac
Address Horoka, Kamishihoro Town
Capacity 1l`
Benefits of the Hot Spring ySpring QualityzSulfur salt spring
yBenefitszEffective for: neuralgia, rheumatism, wounds, gastrointestinal disease, hysteria, etc.
Expense per person yDay Bathingz
Adults: 300 yen (elementary school age and older)
Business hours Hours for day bathing: 8:30`16:00
* Open-air bathing available between late April and late October
Regular holidays none
Access 2 km from the Horoka Hot Spring Entrance along National Route 273
Bathing facilities Open-Air Bath (mixed-gender bathing)
Large Bath (gender-segregated bathing)
Towel: 250 yen
Inquiries Horoka Hot Spring Inn
TEL 01564-4-2167
E-mail -
Parking available

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