Hot Spring
Hot Spring Inn Kuttari Onsen Lake Inn
Why not enjoy bathing in a hot spring beside Lake Kuttari, which is blessed with abundant nature?

Regional revitalization through utilization of the regionfs rich environment
Address 546, Aza Kuttari, Shintoku Town
Capacity 109 people
Benefits of the Hot Spring ySpring Qualityz
Alkaline hypotonic hot spring (Kuttari Hot Spring)
High alkaline hypotonic hot spring (Tomuraushi Hot Spring)
* There are two hot springs, both of which have skin smoothing effects.

Effective for: neuralgia, excessive sensitivity to cold, alimentary disease, skin disease, gynopathy, hypertension and diabetes
Expense per person yDay Bathingz
Adults: 400 yen Children: 140 yen
Business hours Hours for day bathing: 11:00`24:00
Regular holidays none
Access Approx. 1 hr. by car from Obihiro Station
Approx. 20 min. by car from Shintoku Station
Bathing facilities sauna, jacuzzi
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Inquiries Hot Spring Inn Kuttari Onsen Lake Inn
TEL 01566-5-2141
FAX 01566-5-3635
Parking available@ max 200 cars

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