Hot Spring
Tomuraushi Hot Spring, Kokumin Shukusha Higashi Taisetsu-So
The warmth of the earth gradually soaks into your skin . . .
Take the time to fully enjoy Tomuraushi Hot Spring, a secluded hot spring enveloped by magnificent nature.

Our hot spring is a valuable asset
and its benefits are endorsed.
Address Kuttari Tomuraushi, Shintoku Town
Capacity 118 persons
Benefits of the Hot Spring 【Spring Quality】
Sulfur, sodium, chloride, hydrogen carbonate spring
Source temperature of approximately 93℃

Effective for: neuralgia, rheumatism, gastrointestinal disease, diabetes, etc.
Expense per person 【Day Bathing】
Adults: 500 yen Children: 250 yen
* Includes bathing and consumption taxes
Business hours Hours for day bathing: 8:00〜20:00
Regular holidays none
Access Approximately 4.5 hours from Sapporo via National Route 274
Approximately 2 hours from Obihiro
Approximately 1 hour from Shintoku via the prefectural road Chubetsu-Shimizu route
Bathing facilities Utase-yu (hot water splashed onto the body from above), mist sauna
Inquiries Tomuraushi Hot Spring, Kokumin Shukusha Higashi Taisetsu-So
TEL 01566-5-3021
FAX 01566-5-3022
Parking available

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