Accommodations (Cottage)
Village 432
The spacious layout and large windows of the log cottage as well as the view of the expansive pastures are superb.
Since even parties of two can rent an entire cottage, guests can be as loud and rambunctious as they like, making it perfect for urban dwellers. Please enjoy valuable time here with your family and friends!

Please enjoy a relaxing time with your loved ones.
Address 98, Kita Shintoku, Shintoku Town
Size/Number of facilities Large cottage: 1 (for 16 to 20 people)
Small cottage: 1 (for 6 to 10 people)
* Since each party will exclusively occupy one cottage, there is no need to worry about sharing rooms with others.
Maximum number of people accommodated 30 people
Pets Only allowed in small cottages (Dogs only)
Equipment Please think of our cottage as your home.
Inquiries Village 432
TEL 01566-4-4320
FAX 01566-4-4331
Horseback riding experience、Fruit picking、Ceramic experience
Access 10 min. by car from Shintoku Station/downtown area
Approx. 50 min. by car from Obihiro Station
Parking available

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